Saturday, 25 July 2009

Update on "Posting Comments!"

I don't know what or why it's happened, but it seems I can only leave a comment on a blog that has its "Comment Form Placement" on full page as opposed to embedded under post! Which sounds confussing but is quite simple really, it means when you set up your blog, under settings on your dashboard you select comments and scroll down to "Comment Form Placement" and make your selection, I actually had my blog set to show comments under my posting, but have now changed it to full page, if you click on comments below this post you will see what I mean. So I appologize to those people who think I am ignoring them but can only now leave comments on blogs set up as mine is now! (its so frustrating!!)

Thanks for visiting, I do so appreciate it.


Vicki x


  1. Hey Vicki - thanks for the comments and for this post, I've changed the settings on A Passion for Papertrey so hopefully it will work ok for you now, let me know if it doesn't! Have a great weekend! K x

  2. Hi Vicki
    I have changed my settings too hun - now you can pop over and say hello lol!!!!!
    Hope you are well
    Debs xx

  3. Hi Vicki I'm so sorry you are having trouble with leaving me a comment. I have just been to change my setting and found that I am already on full page setting, so I'm not sure why it's not working. I hope you will soon be able to leave me comments again.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Take care