Saturday, 21 November 2009


Has anyone had a visit from an imbecile calling him self "The Crap Blog Detective?" well check out my post below, comment no.5, excuse my french but cheeky B*****D!! I was quite shocked that some silly excuse for a man thought he had a right to leave a comment on my blog uninvited! Well it's pretty obvious to me he's missing a women in his life!

So now I've got that off my chest, just got back from seeing "New Moon" with my son, absolutely fabulous until it went off in the middle of a scene, OMG I'm gutted, how long do I have to wait now for the next movie?! I'm not a "Twilight" fan, well should say wasn't but the movie was just amazing, quite fancy being in the next one actually just to have my neck bitten! ( Well just got time for a cuppa before bed.

Good night all,

Vicki x


  1. hi hun,yes I have had a visit from him too cheeky B........ I am going to leave him a comments and see how he likes it hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. Don't give him the satisfaction. He is a sad old git that has nothing better to do all day in his sad empty little life than to trawl round the internet insulting others who do have life's. He hates that you have a life and are enjoying it.
    He needs sectioning.

  3. Hey Vicki! I think you've been selected by a very lonely, sad, egotistical character that craves attention of any form. It's sad that some people try to get a kick out of trying to upset others...don't give him the attention he craves, you don't need to stoop to his low level!
    I for one, think your blog ROCKS!

  4. I can`t believe this comment!!! I think the best is to ignore this! And just delete it!! I would not comment on him, I think that he just wants that! So glad I only had an viagra-ad-comment so far...
    Love your cards from the post btw!!


  5. Just ignore him obviously sad git no life all he has to do is comment on blogs jealousy!!IGNORE the git
    ive emailed you vikki so please send me your addy if not come through click on creative inspirations blog youll find it on there hun.
    hugs judex

  6. OMG Vicki....he's so sad & desperate I find it quite hilarious(laughing AT him) Best to ignore him, I think he wants lots of comments back....needs to get a life LOL

    Can't wait to see new moon - I've also been 'bitten' by the Twilight bug haha

    Have a great weekend
    Love Steph x

  7. How horrid! Poor you- hope you can ignore it, you've a fab
    blog !! Thanks for all your lovely comments- they make me smile!! :-) xx

  8. V. sad individual, he is so not worth the effort ...

    On another topic. Where did you get the stamp that you stamp the back of your ATCs? Its just what I'm looking for ...

    And I'm with the others - your blogs is FAB


  9. I agree with everyone else. He needs to get a life.

    Meanwhile, to prevent other such attacks, you could turn on comment moderation so you get to see comments before they hit your blog, to prevent idiots like him getting any air-time at all. (I'd like to bet he only leaves comments for people who don't have comment moderation switched on.)

    As for being a sad old git, I think he's probably a sad young git. Old gits tend to have better grammar.

    Chris xx