Sunday, 13 June 2010

Life Taken Over.....

..By my new I really don't know how you peeps who work full-time most days of the year (and not term time!) keep house and family cope! I'm doing supply work and this placement is for 6 weeks, 30hrs a week and it's literally taken over my life. When I get in a 3.30pm each day after collecting my son from school, if I dare to sit down on the couch I'm done for because it's usually 6pm before I get up again and usually I wasn't a go to bed early person (midnight normally) but now come 10pm and I'm fit for nothing :( I don't seem to be able to get any me time and crafting and blogging are non existence. So I take my hat off to you peeps who do it all and cope too! And if I'm totally honest I have been really unwell for a whole week so don't suppose that has helped but I'm still here ;)

Ok enough rambling, this is the card I made for the challenge over at A Passion for Papertrey the theme was to use some chipboard on your project, I've used a frame I found in my stash, I'm not very good with chipboard don't really know how to use it (if that makes sense.) The stamps are from my newest set (well one of Studio Style, I just love this set it's ideal for us crafters and although you can't tell from my photo I've covered the jar with glossy accents, looks good IRL.

Thank you all who take time to stop by and visit it me (even when I'm not

Take care,

Vicki x


  1. Hi Vicki,

    Hope you are feeling better after a weekend off work! I love buttons and I haven't seen that stamp before. Great card.
    Carol x

  2. Hiya Vicki
    I know how you feel hun - sometimes there aren't enough hours in a day - but it does get easier as you establish a routine - just like when the kids are born lol!!!!
    Lovely to see and hear from you.
    Great card - love what you have done with the chipboard frame.
    Take care
    Debs xx

  3. Lovely clean and simple card Vicki - just how I like them. I'm the same with chipboard and I'm still thinking what to do with the challenge - times running out!

  4. This card is perfect, Vicki!!! Love it! I don't want to think about going back to seems that the days don't have enough hours already, but working again?? I won't be able to avoid it though. Sigh

    Vanessa x

  5. I'm another victim of no time to blog lately - both life and work have taken over LOL!!!!
    Well you just know I'm a sucker for this set and anything green so this card is truly FABULOUS! A fab use of chipboard too ;D
    Thanks so much for joining in our challenge!

  6. fabulous card!
    I hope things slow down a bit for you so you can have some time to wind down and craft.
    Sandra x