Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

Good morning peeps (apart from the rain, boo!) I'm having a lovely morning with breakfast in bed, lots of pressies, home made cakes and cards. The boys have just had me playing 10 tin bowling on the wii but they didn't let me win, not even on my birthday so had to make do with 2nd
Since the weather is so rubbish we are just going to go out for lunch and may be the rain will go off ;) shall be back soon with some pics of my cards and pressies.


Vicki x


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dunno if you can hear me shouting that from Sheffield - hopefully you can :D
    Don't let the rain dampen the birthday spirits on your special day! Hope you get spoilt rotten - though y'know boys never let you win, it's in their chemistry LOL!
    Birthday Hugs!

  2. Hey sweet birthday girl! Happy happy Birthday to you!!! I hope your day is fabulous, full of fun and laughter (and sunshine - WE are drowning)! Ha, I had the right day marked in my calendar, but you were too fast for me :) Enjoy your day, I hope you get spoiled! Hugs, Vanessa x

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to you Vicki !! Hope you've had a fabulous day out with the family, in spite of the rain. So sorry you didn't win the Wii ten pin bowling - I have played that with my grandchildren and I was almost hysterical with laughter - it's a fabulous game!! Enjoy the rest of your special day - Hugs, Sylvia xxxxx

  4. Happy birthday Vicki - glad you're been spoilt today - enjoy!

  5. happy Birthday my sweet, hope you had a fabby day, sorry I am late. Hugs xx

  6. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like your day had a good start! Hope it ended well too ! X

  7. Happy belated birthday Vicki!!!!....sounds like the day got off to a fabulous start & hope it continued all day :) xxx

  8. Hey- happy birthday for next year!lol! im waiting for a new post so i can comment and cos i cant, im commenting twice. xxxx