Monday, 20 June 2011

Paying The Price!

Here I am again wondering where the time has gone, it's quite scary really when you think about it, so best not too. Well I've had quite an eventful weekend, Friday night hubby and I went to a 21st birthday party and Saturday was an all day and night 40th birthday bash, it's all or nothing. Well if you were wondering what I did Sunday, I spent the whole day in bed nursing a migraine and vomiting and before you ask, no! I don't even drink (boring.) So today the little son and me are chilling on the couch as I haven't got an ounce of energy (little son has an inset day today.)

Just thought I'd show you this wedding card, a lady in my hubby's office asked if I would make her a card for a couple who went abroad to get married and this is what I did for them (totally CASed from the gallery.)

I think I should go and get my son washed and dressed now (how lazy are


Vicki x


  1. Aaaahh- you poor things. Hope you're feeling better soon. The card is amazing!! Sorry I've not replied- just forgot. No toher excuses I'm afraid! Def up for some crafting- if you're free Friday night, you're welcome to pop by and geg in on my Strength and Hope night!!!! xx

  2. Hope you're feeling better by now Vicki. Love your wedding card and I might have case your case if you know what I mean! I'm trying to figure out from the photo how it is joined together.
    Carol x