Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lovely Break!

Woohoo! Got 6 lovely weeks off for the summer and I'm soooo enjoying them. I've managed to make quite a few cards over the last few weeks for one thing or another but didn't get a chance to photograph them all (bum!) I did remember to take this one though.

A colleague in work was leaving and it was hard not to make it look like a teacher card from one of the children but I tried! It's another digi download and although you can't tell from the pic it's actually decoupaged and has some glaze on it. I made it 8x8 so everyone could sign it.

Well got to go now, postman just knocked on the door with my new 'pink' netbook! (smile, smile, smile!!)

Vicki x

1 comment:

  1. Hoooooooray for the 6 week break!!! :D
    I wouldn't have believed this card was 8x8! I'm not good with making large cards but this one is fabby!
    Enjoy the new netbook!